Interview with Readomania





I was asked some interesting questions by the managing editor of Readomania, Indrani Ganguly, and it was published on a few days ago. Here’s an extract:

“Indrani: The idea of a murder in a residential complex, the body found in the elevator, multiple suspects―this is the perfect and very relatable plot idea. What made you come up with this?

Ushasi: I grew up in an independent house. Though one has more space and privacy, it is a lonely kind of existence for a child. As an adult, I would listen to my husband’s tales of life in a building society, each story stranger and more dramatic than the next. I was deeply envious, but once we moved to an apartment complex ourselves I also realized that the buildings, packing in so many people in one place was a vast fund of interwoven stories just waiting to be told.

I have lived in three different apartment complexes in the last 17 years. I realized that it would be a perfect location for a murder mystery – a vast pool of suspects and motives; and the elevator, what better scene of a crime? It would be difficult to trace the body back to the murderer. (Don’t try this at home, please!)”

For the rest of the interview, please visit the Readomania website.

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