Independence Day Hard Sell

I thought long and hard on how to leverage ‘Independence Day’. Yes, leverage. You think all of the Flipkarts and Amazons are being patriotic?

I could announce a special Independence month discount, I thought, but my book is already priced at INR 250. If someone is hesitating at 250, I doubt bringing it down to 220 would make it The Deal-One-Could-Not-Resist!

How about if I appeal to your spirit of Independence? ‘The book is about one woman’s bid (or two, maybe three women, one never knows) for freedom, when India was in the throes of its own Independence struggle.’ Too much of an oversell perhaps?

It is indeed unfortunate that there are no sparsely clad mythological characters leaping off things on the cover, but the book compensates for this lack, I think, with Rashmi Prabhu’s beautiful illustrations inside.

How about this. ‘Kathputli’ is a good book. If you enjoy reading, you will enjoy it.

Those who have made the enormous commitment of picking it up have done so.

If you don’t really want to hear me say all this, come to your own conclusions by going through the links below. OR, you could just read the book instead. This is the link where you can buy it.


Happy Independence Day to you too.


Kathputli has been covered by:

the Telegraph, Times of India and the Deccan Chronicle.

Ushasi Sen Basu has appeared on the Prathibha Sastry Show, to talk about her novel.

Reader reviews

For reader reviews on Amazon, please check this link.

For Goodreads click here.

A review by a book blogger.


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