A Little More About Me

Should you wish to know more about me, read on. It’s in the third person, so should have sounded grander, but doesn’t quite make it.

Ushasi Sen Basu, born in 1979, spent her first 5 years in Manila, Philippines, and finished her school years at Ashok Hall Higher Secondary School in Calcutta. She spent five wonderful years at the Jadavpur University Department of English (JUDE), where she completed both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (in that order) in English Literature.

Ushasi left Calcutta in 2003, and worked (and occasionally fell asleep) as a copywriter at a small ad agency in Hyderabad before being recruited by Google.

She married and joined her friend from university in Bangalore in 2004. After a very short stint as an English Language Editor at a rather shockingly sweatshop-like publishing house (particularly upsetting after being treated like a queen at her earlier company), Ushasi worked as a content writer for an American e-marketing website, where she made some fast friends and no money at all. After four years as a technical writer at a banking giant where she made great friends and (yes, for a change, was paid handsomely by previous standards), Ushasi took a break from working outside the home after the birth of her daughter Mia in 2011.ushasi-3

She wrote her debut novel ‘Kathputli’ during this time, and did freelance writing and editing work.

Ushasi returned to full-time work in August 2015, as the Editor-in-Chief of SiyaWoman.com, an online platform for Indian women writers.

In 2017, she reverted to being a full-time writer and freelance editor. In May 2020, her second novel, ‘A Killer Among Us’ was published by Readomania. A short story of hers rubs shoulders with those of 10 other authors in ‘The Readomania Book of Horror’, published in June 2020.

Ushasi’s blog is ushasi-thecrib.blogspot.com, where she raves and vents in a hopefully funny manner. Take a look and let her (me) know if you agree.

Her other hobbies include music, reading and eating voraciously (sometimes simultaneously), dancing and staring blankly into space.



(Main image credit: Debjeet Basu, and colour image: Ramesh Mantripragada)

2 thoughts on “A Little More About Me

  1. First, thank you and your parents for the wonderful gift of your first novel. It’s like the gift of a grandchild! I started reading at the NSCB airport waiting for the 1am flight to Hong Kong. By the time I reached Hong Kong 7 hours later, I was done. That says more for the quality of your storytelling than my reading speed. It started slow for me because Chitrangda’s travails were not experiences my generation could relate to. Once Thamma and her family entered the scene, I was off and running. What a yarn! So outlandish and yet so believable. Every Bengali has run into those Jethas and Kakas and Pishis. And this desire to bury family secrets is so endemic in our community. Like your sister, you are a natural storyteller. Keep up the good work and thank you for the most enjoyable flight to Hong Kong that I’ve ever had. – Jayasri “Mashi”
    BTW, you remind me so much of your Thamma. Looking at your photo I can hear her laugh.

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  2. Thank you for that wonderful note, Jayasri Mashi! I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and that my book kept you good company on the flight. 🙂 No one has ever said I resemble my Thamma! (‘Dida’ is what I call her.) I’m pleased as punch that I reminded you of her. 🙂


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